La Casa De Dora

La Casa De Dora

Discover eight exciting games in five rooms and the backyard
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Nick Jr

La Casa de Dora is a helpful educational game which can function as a didactic guide for your kids´ learning process. Children can choose among the seven different rooms within it and the backyard.
In the babies´ room, children can learn several activities to entertain the babies like feeding them, making them play with toys or picking a story from the book to read them.

Playing along, children can learn to wash their teeth and hands in the bathroom.
Or, they can go into the living-room, meet Dora´s mum and play musical instruments together. At this stage they will learn not only music but Spanish as well, improving their motor and second language skills.

In Dora´s favorite room, her bedroom, they can learn maths by counting stars or play bingo both in Spanish and English. They can then rush into the kitchen and help Dora´s father to cook . They will be able to choose a recipe and a meal and learn the procedures and ingredients necessary for making a great dish.

In the backyard section, girls might like to learn names of seeds; how to plant them and water them: and boys can play soccer with Perrito..

The game is safe fun and, what is more, they will learn something along the way.

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